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Pushrod and Eccentric

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  • StudeRich
    Ok, your '63 is a Drum Brake Car, with a Single Diaphragm PB Booster.

    Both would have had what I would call a Bendix "MasterVac", meaning the Boost is Before the M/C, not after and it is a Bendix Power Brake Booster.

    Unless there was a Late change after the Parts Catalog printing or a Service Bulletin changing the '64 from the '63 Push Rod, all '63 & '64 Pwr. Disc push rods are 1559938 and all Pwr. Drum are 1559726, Assuming a Y, F, J, L or P Model.
    So you have the correct Pwr. Drum Push Rod.
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  • stude1964
    started a topic Brakes: Pushrod and Eccentric

    Pushrod and Eccentric

    Not to open a can of worms but I was parting a '63 Daytona conv. rot bucket and pulled the power brake and master. It's a MASTERVAC and correct '63 only master. I need to mention it's a NON-DISC car. What I noticed was the shorter pushrod and NO ECCENTRIC bolt at the pedal. I have later '64 type set-ups and noticed the later years had both a longer pushrod as well as the eccentric bolt. I went through this due to adding power brakes to my '64 wagon. I also noticed that the longer pushrod is stamped with an LD 1 and there is no marking on the shorter '63 style. Any other thoughts from folks who have been through this. This is not the first unmolested car ( '63 ) that has had this power brake set-up with no means of adjusting the brake pedal to align with the clutch pedal or move it up from the floor/toe board. Yes the pedal has 2 holes but that wouldn't be enough even in the upper hole.
    Rob in PA.