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4 Speed Trans mount question. Duh.

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  • Transmission / Overdrive: 4 Speed Trans mount question. Duh.

    Hello ya'll.
    I've got a question about the 4 speed trans mount. I still can't find my dang repair manual. But I'm not sure it's even covered in there.
    I noticed that the trans mount has holes for the trans and studs for the cross member. But they are offset. I can't remember which way they are to be mounted. I want to make sure I've got the dang thing in right the first time.
    So..... If I install the mount to the trans, should the studs be forward or rearward of the trans holes???
    The offset is only about a quarter inch. But I can imagine a mile of grief if I don't get this installed correctly the first time.
    Someone throw me a bone.

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    Dang, kids. 86 views and no answer? C'mon. Someone's gotta know this. I'm getting close to install. Maybe I've been lucky every time in the past? I may have to count on it again.


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      Where the mount metal is cut away goes to the rear. In the pic that is to your right.

      Click image for larger version

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        Thank you soooo much. I could not find a picture of that, which clearly showed it.


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          And I just realized why your picture was so helpful... the new mount does not have the "cut out" area. Its the same front to rear, which leaves only the offset of the holes to be the determining factor.
          Again. Thank you.


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            His pic is likely an original ' T 10' mount. The part numbers got superceded through the years so now a T86 & T 10 is the same....


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              Both the engine and transmission for USA and Continental Europe are offset to the right to allow clearance for the steering box. UK, Australian, New Zealand and other island type imports with righthand drive have the power train offset to the left. The driveshaft likes the transmission output and axle input to be parallel to one another.