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Gas gauge died

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  • Fuel System: Gas gauge died

    On my way home from Summit Studebaker/Packard Show on Saturday, after the last fill up, the gas gauge stayed at the empty level, even though I knew the tank was full. Where should I start looking, electrical or tank float or whatever?
    Peter Bishop

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    Remove the wire from the sender and see what it reads, then ground the wire and see what it reads. If the dash gauge moves to both ends of the scale, then pull the tank unit and see if it can be fixed.


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      And your tank could have lost its ground. that sending unit is a variable ground and must have a good connection to the tank which in turn grounds to the frame..... if a bad ground is suspected a long jumper wire to negative side of batt. will tell the tale. when i have this problem i install star washers on the side of the tank with 2 mounting points after shining up the tank and frame mounting areas. i lucked onto an assortment of quality star washers at a flea market decades ago. Over the years i have had problems with cleaned frame areas turning black after a while and losing continuity as a ground, whats up with that? Luck Doofus


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        Good point on the tank ground.
        I always grease all my fasteners when I reinstall them, and grease on the star washer will hold off the rust and corrosion.


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          Yes, twchamp has good thots on grease but for some reason on my 56 project when i shine/grind to shiney metal for grounding purposes the spot will turn black in a few months.a metalurgical mystery. Luck Doofus


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            Last time that happened to me the ethanol fuel had consumed the shellac covering the cork float, the cork then deteriorated to the point where it dislodged from the hanger and fell to the bottom of the tank.
            Frank van Doorn
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