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  • Exhaust: Growling Noise

    I know this may sound elementary but I have a growl when my Stude is in motion. It growls really loud. It seems to stop when I turn left. I have repacked the front wheel bearings and the growl is still there. When you coast out of gear the growl is still there. It does not seem to get louder the faster you go. It has new tires with only 5000 miles on them. Any suggestions on where to go next. Any idesa will be appreciated. It is a 1961 Studebaker Lark with 289 engine. Thanks.

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    Can't you pin down the area of the car that the growl is coming from? With the meager information provided, I will guess that it is a differential growl.
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      Did you inspect the bearing for any pits on the left side when you repacked them? Sure sounds like it would be a left side bearing since turning left lightens that side.


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        Start with removing the fan belt to eliminate any belt driven accessories. Jack up the rear end put it in gear and start chasing.


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          I jacked the rear up on jack stands and ran it to about 40mph and did not detect any noise in the rear. I checked the front bearing and race inner and outer and repacked them with no visable damage. Maybe I will buy all new inner and outer and try that. I have narrowed it down to the front end, but can not think of anything else that would cause a growl.


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            Before you start replacing things, keep trying to find out the actual source of the noise. Have you checked and repacked the rear outer wheel bearings?

            When did the growling start? After the new tires? After some maintenance? After hitting some big pot holes?
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              My '47Champion had a similar symptom which was traced to a bad rear axle bearing.
              Bill Jarvis


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                Stops when turning left.

                Check left outer and right inner front wheel bearings for a pit on the race.

                Well, check all four, but those are the ones that are lightly loaded when turning left.
                Frank DuVal

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