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Champion Rear Window Rubber

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  • Body: Champion Rear Window Rubber

    I haven't been able to find a premade seal, so I was wondering if anyone had a profile for the stock rear window rubber seal for a 58 Champion?

    Or if someone has replaced theirs before and already knows the profile and where to get it, that would be great. Thanks

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    Studebaker International Catalog shows 2035X1 available for $80.00.


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      So you are saying the 1953-58 sedan part says it will fit? I'm pretty new to the designations of the different Studebakers, and had seen Champions/Scotsmans called out on other parts, so thought they would be on all parts.


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        Studebaker International current catalog page 94, showing ‘55 - ‘58 2 Door Sedan, lists rear glass seal as 2035X1. Shows same for ‘55 - ‘58 4 Door in Lower illustration.
        It just so happens that the 2035X1 rear glass seal is also used on ‘53 - ‘61 C-K bodies, and ‘53 - ‘54 2 and 4 Door sedans, so in the world of Studebakers this is a common enough part and thus should be readily available.