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Fuel Level - Ah hah!

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  • Fuel System: Fuel Level - Ah hah!

    I'm back to fiddling with the Lark VI Wagon. Neither wipers nor fuel gauge were working when I got the car.

    So I:
    • Checked for voltage at switch. Yup 12volts.
    • Checked for voltage on posts (tabs) on switch. Nope. Got nothing.
    • Brought hot 12volts to the wiper motor from the battery. The bugger came to life.
    • Ordered new switch.
    • $38 later I have wipers!

    • Started on the fuel gauge.
    • Got marginal signal from the post on the sender, checked at the gauge - got same signal as found at the sender post.
    • Grounded the unit and the gauge does not move - still shows empty.
    • Hmm there's gas in there. Scratched head.
    • Pulled the sender - Voila! No sender hardware in the tank. No float, arm, or rheostat - just cap!
    • Fuel sender ordered. Grr

    I'm a bit confused since the gauge didn't swing to full when grounded. Any thoughts on that would be helpful. I'm hoping to not find an issue with the gauge itself after replacing the sending unit. Happy to go one step at a time, but shipping charges for parts eat me up!!

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    Ground; the gauge should show full. I would check the gauge for voltage and as long as the gauge has the correct voltage, I would ground the other terminal. If the gauge then shows full; the problem lies in the wire from the gauge to the sending unit. Otherwise there is also trouble with the gauge.