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1955 E13 Turn Signal Lights

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  • Electrical: 1955 E13 Turn Signal Lights

    My 1-ton truck bed is a customized hydraulic dump bed. When I bought it I went through all the lights and found problems. So here is what I fixed and here is what the only issue is.

    -Obviously there were customized lights put on for the customized bed.
    -From the back view of the truck, there are four light units located across the back. The two outside lights (left/right) are the turn signals and the two inside lights are the brake lights.
    -The two brake lights are wired separately and work-yay!
    -The two outside lights are the turn-signals and they work-yay! The front turn signal lights work as well that were mounted a long time ago-Yay!
    -Issue but livable: When I start the truck I go to the back and both turn-signal lights are on constantly (not blinking). When I then try the turn signals from the switch they do blink both left and right signals. So when not using the turn signals from the switch the lights stay on without blinking.

    So all legal but how do I troubleshoot the turn signal lights that stay on all the time without blinking?

    1955 E13 Lift Bed

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    First get a Bulb out or check for 2 wires going in to find out if the Turn Signals or Stop lights are Dual filament, one or the other or both have to be also Tail Lights which should be on with Parking, Head Lights and Instrument Lights.

    Has someone wired the Tail lights to the Ignition Switch?
    Depending on what you find in the Rear Signal Light, you may also want to find out if the always on Turn Signals are lighting the Dim or Bright Bulb Filament.
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