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    ivoryday, thanks so much. the tach wasn't changed. I really appreciate your help.


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      Jclary, thanks for the help. I will email them tomorrow and see what their reply is. Once I hear from them, I will share with the others, thanks again for your suggestion.


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        thanks for the reply, what would you want for the speedo or if its a complete dash, how much?


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          jclary, I just wrote to corporate. An easy website with an inquiry. I shared that all 3 Studebaker's have working guages and thanked them for that. Ill keep you and the rest of the forum informed.
          Again, thanks for the suggestion. BTW this is my 63 GT Hawk
          MarkClick image for larger version

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            Originally posted by ivorydan View Post
            John, have you had good history with Stewart Warner in similar requests?
            Sorry, Dan, I made my post and left to take care of chores and errands. Just now, I noticed your inquiry. I have absolutely zero experience (that I recall) contacting Stewart Warner. However, during my career in industrial sales/engineering/consulting, I had lots of experience communicating with corporations. It was not always on the positive side of things. Many times it was complaining about some production change that made a product worse, perform poorly, or dangerous. On one occasion, one high-end maker of pneumatic tools decided they could replace a metal component in their air motors with composite (plastic).

            Up until the change, I was kicking butt by selling the tools over a competitor who had also used plastic valve trigger plungers. During production operations, that plastic part would react to lubricant & heat and seize up. When the bean counters of this corporation talked the engineers to build down to the competitor's product...their performance became just as crappy. I composed a letter explaining the situation and sent it to several of the corporate execs. Not just "customer service." It created a worldwide recall, and we "righted the ship," so to speak, and made happy customers.

            Boneheaded decisions are sometimes hard to admit, and often those who make them try to cover them up. I've never hesitated to point them out when it began to affect my ability to provide good services and products to my customers and thus, what goes into my wallet.
            Most of my communications were aimed at addressing specific issues, and I always tried to present a well-documented case. There were a few instances where the person making the poor decision complained, but most of my communications were treated with grateful respect. After all, until a problem is communicated to the person that can address won't get fixed.
            John Clary
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              This is the response from Stewart Warner early the next morning; talk about great customer service!

              We no longer have the artwork for these instruments. They are from our Deluxe series which we still have. However, the series has changed over the years and a new version would not be an exact match. I would recommend contacting D&M Restoration in Greenville, SC. They specialize in restoration and repair of old standard instruments and may be able to help with your request.

              Chris Basselgia
              Engineering Technician

              I checked the website for D&M and spoke with Jack. They submitted a copy of one that is exactly what I need. Soon, I will remove the speedo, send it to them, and with re calibration and a new face for 160, Ill be set.

              So, friends, thank you for your suggestions and advice. A story being a story and just the need for a correct speedo, the Forum came through again.
              greatly appreciate the positive suggestions


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                Sounds great, Mark! Glad you found what you needed.
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                  Seems, I got a few calls from my Forum posts, and a post on Jet Thrust News. I might have found more than 1 NOS complete speedo and another contact in CA that I will speak with on Wednesday might have 1 or more too. What a great source of information the Forum provides
                  thanks mostly everyone