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Lowering '51 Champion

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  • Frame / Springs: Lowering '51 Champion

    My '51 Champion sits pretty much dead level and rather high, probably just as it did when it left the factory. It looks nice, but I'm ready for it to be a little lower in the front. Does anyone have any recommendation about how much to cut off a stock front spring to get about an installed 3" drop. Or is there anyone making new shorter springs to do the same thing?

    Any information would be helpful and possibly keep me from having to do the job a couple of times to get a nice look. If you know that cutting a coil or a coil and a half lowers it X amount, that's the kind of information I'm looking for. I don't want it to look like it has a Mustang clip, I just want it to look a little sleeker. Thanks.

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    Don't have an exact answer, but typically cut one coil at a time and test fit. Use a grinder, not a torch to keep the temper in the spring. Remember the shorter you make the spring the stiffer the ride will get, which can actually be a good thing to keep the suspension off the bumpstops. cheers, junior
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      about how much to cut off a stock front spring to get about an installed 3" drop.
      1. Measure what's there now. There isn't usually 3" between the bumpstop and the frame.

      2. Just be aware it's very difficult to lower a Stude front end 3" and still get the alignment back to spec. There just isn't enough travel built in the adjustments.

      jack vines


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        Or you could get new lowered springs


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          I checked out the Eaton site. There is a pretty good article about cutting a coil spring, included with their other info.


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            13 inch Falcon wheels?
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              I'm running 14 inch MoPar rims at front & the roadholding is alright, just my solution for now.
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