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Gas shocks for '51 Champion

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  • Frame / Springs: Gas shocks for '51 Champion

    Who are the go-to people for front and rear gas-filled shocks for a '51 Champion? Is there more than one company making them?

    When I got gas shocks for my '57 Transtar, there was a crossover to a later Chevy truck that used the same rear shocks. After changing the spring bushings and installing the shocks, it rides like a different, much newer vehicle.

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    Most or all of the Studebaker Vendors sell the Gabriel H.D. Gas Shocks from the OEM supplier to Studebaker.
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      51 Brother, as for my money, I've gone back to the original Oil Shocks in my 51, I installed a pair of new gas shocks in the rear of my Champion, holy cow, it rode like a bucket of bolts, the car was bouncing on the tires. There was no give or movement at all, I put the old originals back on, much nicer ride! Mate I'm the guy who Howard sent my contact re the Headers and dual exhaust, email me, much easier to talk. Lofty.