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R2 cranking pressure

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    Originally posted by Jeffry Cassel View Post
    If you checked it cold it is probably okay. Warm it up to operating temp 160 deg and check again. It'll be higher. If there is no blow-by or excessive oil consumption, I wouldn't lose a wink of sleep over it----it wouldn't be worth dropping several grand into it just to raise compression 20 psi.
    A recharged battery helped a bit, I'm trying to decide whether just to check the oil pump and bearings, or pull the heads and look. I do want to get the old pressure closer to nominal, even though it's theoretically ok at 10 PSI per 1000 RPM. I guess best practice at this point will be to pull the heads and see what is up. I must say, nasty as the outside is, everything under the rocker covers is very clean. The engine uses no oil to speak of and doesn't smoke. Of course it leaks.
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      I agree with Jeffry. I'd leave it alone and just fix any leaks.


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        I just rebuilt my R2 and I have 175 psi cranking pressure, but I did install a R2+ camshaft. tho id think that would of lost a little on cranking.
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