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  • Interior: Woodgrain

    Has anyone found a good match for the dash on a 62 Daytona?

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    I have used the vinyl stick on that goes on Ford Country Squire wagons. Might have some somewhere. But the last time I used real walnut veneer and it looks great. Used the super thin self adhesive stuff. Once it is on it is there to stay so one must be very careful when applying it. I've tried woodgraining myself but did not get quite as much grain in it--but still looks good. There are people who woodgrain and the results are nice--but do not know what they charge. With wood veneer I would finish with Minwax wipe on poly. Use gloss cause it is not that glossy


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      Contact Terry Frye at for a quote. He is a master at woodgraining and is very reasonably priced. Bill


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        Look in to hydro printing. They float the wood grain decal on water and just dip the part. All kinds of it on U-tube. Looks like the only way to go. Have thought of getting into it.


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          I'll vouch for Terry's work. He did my 64 Hawk several years ago and did a beautiful job