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Small curiosity; just wondering--door gaps, '64-66

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  • Bill Pressler
    Rich and Gary, thanks for the information and opinions. Appreciated.

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  • studegary
    Don't worry about those gaps.

    As far as the door handles - The end opposite the button is sort of a hook that hooks into the door. Assuming that the door handle screws are tight, you could remove the handles and adjust the hooks. I recommend that you leave them alone.

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  • StudeRich
    The time to worry about Body Parts fitting, is when the doors don't close easily, the front doors sag and hit the front fenders, hit the drip rail etc, etc.

    Yours sounds like it is better than most.

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  • Small curiosity; just wondering--door gaps, '64-66

    I have an original '66 Cruiser with 26.5K miles that I totally believe is an original car with original paint. I do have something I've noticed about the car from the start. I was looking at this today while I was putting ethanol-free gas in.

    I seem to have a fairly large gap between the rear of my RF door and the front of the RR door. I have somewhat small hands but I can horizontally stick most of my pinky finger in that space pretty-much the whole way down.

    The car really is rust-free.

    Do the bodies 'settle' after awhile?

    I have seen two '64-65 Wagonaires, very nice cars, with large gaps behind one of the rear doors, and I remember seeing a very sharp '64 convertible with a large gap at the top of the right door.

    BTW, all four of my doors close tight with the ever-so-slightest push--far-better than any of my earlier Studes.

    Anybody else notice this on '64-66's, or not? I of course know that 'fit and finish' then wasn't what it is today.

    The doors close so easily I would be hesitant to try and make any adjustment in door alignment of the RF door.

    I do notice that both right door handles come out from the body a tiny bit when you pull on them--the non-button end of the handle. I suppose it is possible that the car maybe took a hit there at some point, but the paint sure looks like a good match to the rest of the car. The right side of the car is a bit less shiny than the left, but I heard it had been in FL for thirty years and wondered if it had sat in a carport for a long time.

    Back to the gaps--anybody else notice this?
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