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Loftys 51 Champion suspension help

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  • Front Axle/Suspension: Loftys 51 Champion suspension help

    I am about to start a renewal of all the suspension bushes on my 51 Champion, can anyone tell me, when the manual says tighten the steel bushes, what am I tightening the bushes against! Is it the end of the shaft they are screwing onto? I have made the A arm spreaders, so with the 15 thou spread, what are the bushes tightening up against, all advise appreciated. Lofty.

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    The shoulder on the bushing should seat against the face of the A-arm. You don't want them to bottom on the end of the male threaded pin.
    Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands


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      Thanks Gordon, that was the last thing I couldn't understand, so with the spreader in place, tighten up to the A Arm, release the spreader the shaft should move free, no binding!
      Thanks again. Lofty.


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