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  • Electrical: Generator

    My 58 Hawk six will not generate. I have two generators two new regulators and have checked the field wire for continuity.The generator was working intermittently but less and less.Suggestions please.

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    If working intermittently, there is a good chance that one of the brush springs is broken, or the brushes are just plum worn out.


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      The shop manual should tell you how to "Full Field" the generator to test it for full output. Many of the Studebaker generators get the field winding voltage from the armature, then the voltage regulator sends the ground to the fields. If you generator is this style, then by grounding the "F" terminal on the generator, you will full field it. This should let you know if the problem is the generator, or in the voltage regulator.

      I like original quality parts, so I look on ebay or in junk yards for good original parts, rather than buy some modern cheaply made replacement part.


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        Make sure the generator has a good ground sometimes paint and rust get in the way.


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          Two generators new brushes Back to the rebuiler I guess


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            Did you try the full field check, to eliminate the voltage regulator as the problem?

            My 50 Champion had a new voltage regulator when I bought the car, but it was a modern inferior unit, so I bought an NOS Autolite on ebay. That took car of the intermittent charging problem.


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              Had a similiar problem. Turned out the big 12 ga wire going from regulator to ammeter was bad. Check it for continuity and ground fault.