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Trunk inner coating

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  • Trunk inner coating

    Anyone know what will remove that annoying coating applied to the inside of the trunk(on the sides) on the 47 Champ? It has the consistency of tar but hopefully that's not what it is. It's all cracked like it's been in a bad drought. Was it for sound deadening or rust prevention?

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    I think it pretty much is tar, mixed with who knows what other fibers and bad stuff. And it probably served as sound insulation yes, and as a covering/protectant for rarely seen surfaces.

    I think it was designed to be there forever. I only had to remove mine because of serious rust fixing and metal replacing. The way I found worked was a sharpened putty knife and a hammer. It took a while. Perhaps someone knows a better way. I wouldn't put flame to it though.

    52 hardtop


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      A cup wire brush in a big grinder works wonders.


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        Soften it with solvent or kerosene, then scrape it off. Any way you do it is messy.



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          Use a heatgun to soften it up and scrape off with a putty knife. Any bits leftover come off with a rag soaked in mineral spirits. Final cleaning with prep solvent or naptha, etc.

          Agree, no matter how you remove it; there is a mess involved.

          Jeff in ND

          '53 Champion Hardtop

          Jeff in ND