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'40 Champ Front drum help.

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  • Front Axle: '40 Champ Front drum help.

    Trying to separate the hub from the drum on the front axle of my 40 Champion

    Does anyone know how to go about this?
    Thought maybe pressing out the studs would do the trick, but a 15 ton press didn't budge a thing..

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    The studs were swaged over at the surface of the drum to holds the studs in place. It usually looks like the stud was pinched at two places. To get the hub off, you need to cut off the swaged parts that stick out with a special tool. It looks like a hole saw - and you could use one of them if it fits tightly around the stud. Juts cut deep enough to remove the swages, not deep into the drum. Some people call it a "swedge".

    Here's one place to buy a swage removal tool:

    Also see this older post on the Forum:
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      The studs are 'swaged' to hold hub and drum tightly together.
      Separating/replacing has to be done as shown here...........


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        Beat me to the punch Gary!


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          Oh boy! Looks like I have a fun project ahead....
          Thank you for the replies!