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Cleaning Door Jambs/Door Edges

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  • Paint: Cleaning Door Jambs/Door Edges

    Any tips or tricks for cleaning door jambs and the door sides to get ready for epoxy primer/paint?...

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    what do you mean by cleaning? Are you talking wax and grease remover or scuff sanding? Wax and grease use a small pump up spray bottle. Scuff sanding use a drill with scuff pads hooked to it .


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      I have no idea what may be on the jambs/doors, as far as contamination, and I don't want to sand it into the paint. Car has sat inside since 1974. Sanding, I know about. Guess I should have worded my question better...And BTW, lacquer thinner washes the paint right off.
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        You want Prep-sol or other like product. You'll find it at an automotive paint store.


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          If lacquer thinner is removing old paint it's probably gonna come off when you re paint, take it off now and save later grief.BTDT Luck Doofus


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            Are you actually painting the car yourself? If so, carry on.

            If thinking doing prep work for the painter is going to lower your cost, consider it also gives him an unknown to work with and should there be any problem, he's been given an out.

            Bit of an extreme example, but an owner was using the access from having the doors off to clean his interior. Problem was, he used a cleaner with silicone in it and the paint job was ruined by 'fisheyes' everywhere. The painter said, "Well, you caused it, so your cost to repaint."

            jack vines


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              Will be doing the paint myself...


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                Jack has a valid point. and if you have any type of "Rattle Can" silicone hide it from yourself!!!! it will only bite you in the Butt later. BTDT. painting is enough of a crap shoot without it. Luck Doofus