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'64 Daytona and Hawk 289 Headers

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  • Exhaust: '64 Daytona and Hawk 289 Headers

    Simply question, "Are the headers coming off the exhaust manifold the same for dual exhaust or are they configured differently?" Chet 445

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    To the best of my knowledge, all the same until you get to the high HP "R" series headers.
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      The left and right exhaust manifolds for 259, 289, R1, and R2 engines are the same, except the right side manifold on Lark-types and Hawks have a cast-in mount for the generator or alternator. There is no difference in the manifolds for single-exhaust vs. dual-exhaust car. Avantis have the same exhaust manifold on both sides because the alternator is not mounted to the exhaust manifold. Only the R3 and R4 engines have the "long-branch" exhaust headers, and they are the same left to right.


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        I think when he said headers, it was not what he really had the question about. I believe what he wants to know about is the head pipe that attaches to the manifold or headers. The head pipes for my R1 are different than those for the standard manifolds. All three V8 Studes I've had (three different engines and three different bodies) have had different headpipes.

        Now, if the question is, can you cut the pipe off and swap to dual exhaust. I'd say yes.
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          OK, regional difference in terminology, I guess. I've always called those "downfall pipes." This sounds like a question for someone like Don Simmons, who makes exhaust pipes.


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            The Head Pipes/Down Pipes for Single and Dual, both Left & Right are completely different.
            For Single Exhaust, the Left HAS to include a Crossover Pipe and the Right HAS to include a "Y" Pipe.

            The Studebaker Chassis Parts Catalog has great Pics of the complete systems.
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