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Swapping out suspension

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  • Front Axle: Swapping out suspension

    I need some HELP, Have a 1941 Champion, had to remount steering box, swapped motors, replaced bushings, tie rod ends, Brake shoes are very hard to find and the price is alarming to reline. Help, I want to swap out the suspension and brakes, Any info on What is the best kit that will not break the bank, There are so many different IFS kits out there
    41 Stude

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    I have brake lining sets. I would think it shouldn't cost a million dollars to get them riveted on. If interested email me.
    George Rohrbach


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      The most common front suspension swap is for a Mustang II type cross member with suspension, steering and brakes.
      You can find them at many places including eBay and Amazon.
      A front clip could be welded to your frame from several different vehicles. I have seen Chevy S10, Dodge Dakota and read about a Ford Aerostar conversion too. Tread width is the critical measurement to be concerned with.
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        Having done many similar conversions, it's pretty much a sure thing you can put the Champion front suspension and brakes in new condition for much less than the cost of a front clip.

        If one chooses the front clip, it's a steep and slippery slope. It will require new front wheels; then the rears no longer match, so new rear brakes and wheels.

        With the new, wider tires and wheels, it will be noticed the Champion engine doesn't have enough power to pull them and on and on . . . .

        jack vines


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          It truly depends on the end use of the car. Occasional use on weekends of putting around, then stay with the stock suspension.
          Spirited driving with a substantial V8 under the hood? Then go with a suspension upgrade. Just be prepared to spend twice what you think its gonna cost. Many incidentals in a swap like that. Then the rear end will need an upgrade too. Might as well do a 4 link out back. Again... spending twice what you think.
          But, back to the beginning... if you're just going to bop around with the champ engine in there, build the stock suspension and enjoy the heck out of it.


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            If you are going to modify it, do your homework. Plan it and source everything before you turn the first wrench. Too often a project like this gets started, the car cut up, then the owner realizes he is in over his head and dumps it. In the process a good car gets ruined. It will depend on your skills and/or bank account. If you can't pull off building a hotrod, just rebuild what you have and enjoy it.
            james r pepper


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              Your brake shoes, the cost so far would be quoted $56.00 a drum for lining, plus shipping, what do you want for your lining?


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                Thanks for the info, running SBC steering is a real problem, have to find a way to use Rack and pinion


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                  $50 for all four wheels. Plus I can check on actual shipping cost. Just includes the premade linings with the old style good material. You would still have to find someone to rivet to your shoes. You might want to check what that would cost. Let me know by
                  George Rohrbach


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                    Wait until you go to the chapter meeting in August. Meet up with everyone, try some ideas and get imput. My dad's first new car was a 1941 Champion 2 door sedan and the pictures I have he was very proud of that car.

                    You might be surprised; unless you have a strong connection to your car, someone at the meeting may have another car you might find better suited for what you want to do. Everyone here has given good advise but go to the chapter meeting and see what happens.

                    When you get a chance, send us some pictures.

                    Bob Miles
                    Pacific Southwest Zone Coordinator 2018-2020


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                      That sounds good, Thank you, Will be at the AUG meeting,