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Shift Issues

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  • Transmission: Shift Issues

    I put an overdrive transmission in my 53 2R5, attaching it to a Champion engine. The trans is the T86E1A, which is the correct unit for this application. In test driving the truck, it operated normally for about 5 minutes but then it would not go into reverse. I adjusted the shifter linkage per the service manual and the problem continued on and off. Today, I removed the linkage from the transmission levers and moved the levers back and forth. As you probably know, each lever has 3 positions with the middle being neutral. With the front lever in neutral, the rear lever can be moved forward from neutral but not back from neutral. My thought is that the transmission will need a rebuild but I'm posting this in the hopes that the problem is not so serious and someone might be able to tell me how to correct this. Thanks!

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    Is it possible that the transmission is gummed up internally, especially if it sat for a long time? You could try flushing it with lightweight oil and then refilling it with the proper GL-1. That may seem like a waste of oil, but it's easier than a rebuild.
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      RadioRoy, I'll try flushing it. Thanks for the idea.