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What is this wire for?

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  • Electrical: What is this wire for?

    I’m in Wisconsin working on my Dad’s ‘64 Hawk, and he has a wire running from the positive battery terminal running to the alternator. It’s a Powermaster Chrysler like unit that I got him for Christmas many years ago. It has 3 other wires connected to it as well, so I’m not sure what it’s there for. It’s circled in yellow in the photo. Ideas? Also, can I remove it?Click image for larger version

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    There were kits available some years ago where as you could connect the alternator in a manner to attain 110 volts to run small drills or a small saw. Some factory trucks (not Studebaker) were contractors models and the alternator was prewired for 110 volts with external plugins.


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      Turns out from doing some research that this wire is there to handle the increased amp rating of the Powermaster alternator which is about 100-125 amps if I remember. The wire my dad put in was about 10 gauge solid wire. I replaced it with 8 gauge stranded.


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        So the charge is not going through the Ammeter? That's got to cause some weird readings on the gauge or none.
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          That explains why my dad took out the ammeter and put in a voltmeter instead.