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  • Drive Shaft: driveshaft vibration gone

    After trying all possible combinations of alignment I finally gave up and added a CV joint into my drive shaft.
    I could not get rid of the take off shimmy.
    The new setup is 1deg on the transmission end, 4deg on the center (CV) and 1 deg on the diff end.
    Because the CV joint is "constant velocity" the 4deg can be ignored.
    And bingo, its as smooth as silk.
    The top one is the original Studebaker shaft. (modified to suit my 60 Hawk)
    The bottom one is the new one with a rubber mounted bearing.
    Click image for larger version

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    Allan Tyler Melbourne Australia

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    I'm glad it worked out! You must be running a standard transmission. My 60 Hawk, with Flightomatic, is a one piece driveline. The shop that did the work, must be professional, it looks great.


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      One problem I see is your 1st. Modified Custom Driveshaft has no Rubber Support Cushions like all Factory setups have, but strangely the New Custom setup DOES!

      It may have been more about that Center Support Bearing SUPPORT and Mounting than the "U" Joints you got rid of, that were causing your problem.

      I am guessing it must be about the Older Type Transmission type you are using that would cause you to modify the 1 Piece '60 Hawk System and go back to the Old 2 Piece Driveline setup in the First Place.
      Second Generation Stude Driver,
      Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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        StudeRich, The rubber mounts(Red urethane) on the lower shaft were also on the top shaft. They are the ones from the commander that the shaft came from. (modified)
        You can see the mount holes, circled.
        The problem is more complicated than it seems. The drive shaft in a Stude is offset 1" to the right, and the engine 3/8" in a LHC car. Hence the spacer on the rear transmission mount.
        In my car (RHC) I offset the engine 1-1/4" to the left to allow me to fit the recirc ball power steering. So I have a 2-1/4" offset from the drive shaft.
        The transmission is a BTR electronic 4 speed behind a Bronco 302. A single piece shaft would need to be 45" long hence the 2 piece.
        With this setup the compound angle on the center joint was too much.
        So I re aligned the whole setup. A CV joint re defines all the do's and don't do's about uni joints.
        The front of the engine is offset 2-1/4" from the driveshaft, the end of the transmission is 3/4" from the drive shaft and the CV joint on the driveshaft center line.
        Yes I have broken the number one rule, the engine is now on an angle.
        Because the CV joint is "constant velocity" the angles there are irrelevant.
        So I have effectively 1deg on the transmission and 1deg on the diff.
        In the pic below you can see the cross member and support with the Studebaker ctr bearing.
        I made it as such to maintain the footwells in the Hawk.
        The center bearing mount plate has since been modified to allow up/down and side adjustment.
        Click image for larger version

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        Allan Tyler Melbourne Australia