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INTERSTATE Group 24 Battery

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    Yes it is correct, thank you.
    I see they have renamed it a 3EW/B (Willard Batt. ?) and it has the Old Type Tar Top, not a Maintenance Free, limited Vent like modern Batteries now have to all but eliminate Acid leaks.

    This one is OK for a 400 Point Show Car seldom driven.

    The good News is, it shows 850 CCA and Mine is only 400, with 500 CA.
    Second Generation Stude Driver,
    Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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      Originally posted by Topper2011 View Post
      Attention!! Be aware that the Willard battery I purchased from antique auto battery was a POS:-(............I tossed it in the garbage in less than one year, I contacted the owner of the company............that exchange proved to be a waste of time. Just letting you all know my experience.


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        I have stopped buying any wet cell batteries. Spent the better part of 3 hours cleaning the four wet cell Interstate deep cycle extreme duty batteries in my scissor lift. Had to replace some cables and ends because of the corrosion. None of my AGM batteries leak acid or fumes.


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          I agree with lynn. Although my daily drivers, and a few of my least important collector car as well, usually get regular Walmart batteries, I use Optima batteries in my cars, that really matter. Before I had my epiphany, many years ago, I had too many cars damaged by a rogue battery going bad before I realized it. Getting a cheap battery that will start a car for five years is the easy part. Getting a battery that will usually last five, or more times as long, without risking damaging a car is easy too. It just takes a mindset change. Once you have experienced the difference, I believe that few would return to mediocrity.

          A little story for perspective. Twenty five years ago I bought my first 6V optima to use in my 1955 Speedster, but had not yet installed it. I had been planning to take my 1931 Four Season to a concourse event, but when I tried to start it, the three yo Interstate had failed, what to do? Changing out an original type battery in one of these can be really a challenge for a younger person. The floor has to be removed to access the battery, which is housed in a box under the passenger's feet. Now you can see it, but the only way to get the battery out is straight up and there is no room for your hands, so you have to use a battery strap, or attach something to each terminal. The interstate that had just failed weighed 46#! I trust that no more removal graphic is necessary.

          The New Optima was right there, and what's more it withed a mere 16#, but would it even turn over the big straight eight? Not to worry, because it turned over the engine, at least, as good as the Interstate had on it's best day! Until two years ago that battery never come out of the car. Once or twice a year I would put a charger on it, and it never failed to do it's job. A year and a half ago when I got ready to display the car at the America's Car Museum, it acted a little logy, at which time I swapped it out for the battery in one of my 1937 Presidents. The battery that I took out of the 37 had not had any attention in over six months, but the 31 started immediately. When I took the time to do the calculation, I had just replaced a 25 yo battery with a 16 yo battery. But probably the most important part was NO damage to the restored battery box. It's your car, you be the judge.