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    Remember the photo I posted about a month ago that featured my friend's 60 Lark 2dr? I gave him a 385CFM Holley 4bbl that had been given to me some years prior. It was brand new but I never had call to use it and I just gave it to my friend because he'd given me so many Stude parts thru the years.
    He had to rejet that thing to make it work right on his 289 but once done, it's a great-driving unit. I know firsthand how well it runs as I've driven it recently[^]

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      Yes, I subscribe to both Car Craft, and Popular Hot Rodding. Both have
      had feature articles on ALL the different brands. Holley carbs have
      the most amount of space in each article I have read. A Holley carb
      usually gives considerably more tuning ability then an AFB. This is both
      a blessing and a curse. Another contant issue with Holleys is leaking
      fuel. This is quite common as the fuel bowl gaskets are vertical. I'm
      not attempting to pick a fight, only making simple fact known to a
      person that asked a question. Holleys usually need constant attention,
      and AFBs rarely need anything. My Avanti has never had any problems
      in the last 10+ years I have had it. Only recently did I finally clean
      the carb! It finally got an air filter too. Granted I havent driven
      the car too much in the last 10 years, but sitting isnt good either.
      Holleys tend to be popular since they potentially can get more power
      from the engine they are on. I am not aware of how many of each brand
      are sold, I wouldnt even know where to look. It is common knowledge
      that AFB's are for slamming the hood, & Holleys are for winning races.

      (though I am sure AFBs have won a race or two - isnt Ted running one
      on the Stewed Tomato? His Chicken probably has a Holley)

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        It doesn't matter whether you use a Holley or Eldelbrock as long as you use it on a Studebaker I love my Studebaker today![8D]



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          The "Chicken Hawk" uses two R2 type AFB's; complete with the black plates riveted to the airhorns that say they are special sealed Avanti carbs.
          Mike M.


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            For my 20 cents worth, both are good carbs in most sizes. the Weber manufactured, Carter AFB copied, Edelbrock labeled spread bore carb is a bolt on and run. They do not need hardly any adjusting at all. If you use a wcfb intake pattern, need the adapter plate to go to spread bore. When I worked in a Stude restoration shop we installed one in a customers' beautiful black Avanti. We had to use an aluminum spacer plate to clear linkage at the intake. That may have been peculiar to that Avanti, so it depends where the bellcrank swings. The man that owned the shop heard how it ran and sounded,so he wanted one put on all his V8s. They're foolproof and in the neighbor hood of $250.00. I've used Holley and AFB, both good, but setting floats and replacing power valves got bothersome. If you keep your foot out of it(what a joke,I never could) it'll give you better mileage than twice barrel. I would not hesitate to use one.


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              FWIW, my GT Hawk came to me with a quadrajet [:0] installed on the WCFB-style manifold. The car had a nasty cyclical surge right at 30 mph.
              I bought a brand new Edelbrock 1403 (500 CFM, electric choke), and installed it using a fiber spacer plate. It ran great, right out of the box. This year, I replaced the WCFB manifold with a modified manifold built by Studebaker John Lasseter. Carb continues to perform fine, but the car is getting Prestolite distributor disease.

              I'd recommend the Edelbrock because: it fits, it works well, and it looks almost stock. I tend to avoid Holleys because of the fact that they rely on the integrity of the fuel bowl gasket to keep the fuel from leaking all over the manifold. Perhaps in a racing application, there could be few horsepower gained by using a Holley, but I don't want the maintenance headaches, thanks.

              Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands
              Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands


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                Well, I got the car home this morning. The carb is completely toast. It's been out in the weather for at least twenty years. The engine and carb are perfectly matched. Both are frozen as solid as granite. Looks like i'll try the Edelbrock.

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                K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Studebaker!
                Ron Smith
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                  FWIW, I don't think any of the racecars I drove over 24 years used anything BUT Holley- from 2bbl. 500s to 850 double pumpers- from stock classes to 467 cu. in. BIG-buck engines- and have never known ONE to be trouble! We always carried spare power valves, bowl gaskets, and jets as we sometimes had to make quickie jet changes in the pits; never had leaks, don't recall ever using any spare bowl gaskets... we used to have to pull the carb and give it to tech so they could spec it, then we'd put it back together and stick it back on!

                  I'm not doubting those who say they've had trouble with Holleys- just adding my experience with, and respect for, Holley carbs!!

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