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President 8 tie bars missing ?

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  • Front Axle: President 8 tie bars missing ?

    Hi all can any one please post a diagram of the parts manual which relates to my 1942 President 8 need some parts but don't know what the part numbers are to order.

    Click image for larger version

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    If I am correct there should be some tie bars ( lower control arms ) from the spring mounting plate to the bottom of the axle king pins, I don't know what these are like and how do they attach.

    Help much appreciated

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    I believe that you are correct.
    My 1941 Commander (same basic suspensions as yours) has a bar made of heavy sheet metal on each side which runs from somewhere on that big center spring plate outward to the right and left lower (one of which is just visible at the right side of your photo) pins. My understanding is that their purpose is to "hold" the king pin assembly in place in the event of a main spring fracture.
    FYI, those spring leaves are also supposed to be wrapped in greased canvas and enclosed in jointed (flexible) sheet metal covers.
    My '41 spring is uncovered as the result of a front end accident long before I owned it. Perhaps when your covers were removed they also neglected to replace the tie bars?
    The 1941 shop manual has great illustrations of the suspension, and for how to reinstall the flexible covers.


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      I don't have my parts book at work but I will try and remember to scan that page tonight. Here is what it looks like on my Champion. The President/Commander is different but works the same.



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        Yup, but my understanding is that the senior series cars all had the spring covered.


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          Sorry it took so long but I got some scans from my parts book. They are big so I will just put links in. I think your car is an 8C...

          Exploded diagram:

          Two pages from the parts book with part numbers: