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Bad 1-2 shift in a FOM

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    Warren, take the truck out for a longer drive and let the seals really warm up and let the fluids flow around them when the trans is up to operating temp. The seals may swell up a little from being exercised. It's surprising how a 50 mile road trip can fix a lot of things. Carburetors work better, spark plugs clean up and tires become round again.
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      Thought I'd give a heads up on what's going on. Since the truck came out to the new house in Arizona this is what I have experienced. When I leave & head into town starts out with a small uphill & then a steady downhill drive. This allows the shifts to be very smooth & practically coast downhill for about a mile & a half, then flat terrain for another mile coming to a stop. Next onto the paved road. This is where I had the 1-2 shift shudder before. Now, driving the truck at least 3 times a week (always on Wednesday to take the trash to the transfer station) I haven't felt the shudder for the past 2 months at least. I guess it needed to be driven more! The side benefit is the comments. Just yesterday I took my granddaughter for ice cream & a woman leaned out the window & said "oh I love your truck". When I got gas a few days ago another commented on it & said "we always slow down going past your place to see what your working on today" giving me a chuckle and the owner of a local restaurant called me "Mr. Studebaker" now. Isn't it nice being a "Drivers" club !
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