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FI Tech in '56 C cab w/ 259

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    Originally posted by capwombat View Post
    Good stuff, Jeff! Let me know when the "perfect EFI combo" for a Paxton-supercharged 289 in a C/K or a naturally-aspirated 259 w/manual transmission in a C-cab appears....
    FWIW, I've been building EFI engines off and on for almost thirty years. On the shelf are still a couple of Electromotive systems which were very-high-dollar-state-of-the-art back then. Several previous generations of Holley/FAST/Edelbrock/Accel/et al EFI systems have come and gone, obsoleted by newer ideas.

    Bottom line - whatever is 'perfect' today can be out-of-production and parts/tech support can become NLA in a short time, by Studebaker standards. BTDT.

    jack vines


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      FiTech Tri-Power update:
      I road tested the tri-power setup ('37 Chev) yesterday after resetting all parameters to square one. It now starts with no fuss, no throttle and idles decently for the camshaft used once warmed up.
      To be clear this system still has a lot of "learning" to do and at this time just needs a bunch of miles put on for that to happen. There are too many things on the go for that to happen right now. The off idle throttle response is incredible and it pulls strong through the mid-range. Perhaps not as much power at WOT as I recall most tri-powers had but that's also a distant memory so maybe youth had something to do with it. As the pics show this is a very clean and sanitary install once the appropriate manifold was sourced.
      More to follow.
      Some asked the distributor used? Pertronix.
      So far so good.


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        FiTech update-Different car but interesting discovery.
        OK this time it's on a '40 Ford Coupe with a Chev 350 crate motor, mild cam.(nice car even though we are not all Ford lovers).
        It seems some of our running difficulties are of our own creation.
        As most of these applications are on hot rods, not everyday drivers. Many have power cut off switches.
        It turns out the FiTech REQUIRES constant power to retain it's learned settings so it isn't starting from scratch on each cold start. On this application we ran a separate power wire to the FiTech and that appears to have solved our problem. Retain the shut off switch for power to the rest of the car and power the FiTech separately.
        Hope this info helps. More as it happens.