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How to install a bar side 54 C-K

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  • Body / Glass: How to install a bar side 54 C-K

    Thanks for advance for your help.
    I want to know what is this screw, bolt or speed nut ?
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    GT Hawk 62 V8
    Lark 62 hardtop skytop 6 cyl
    Silver Hawk 57 Hardtop 6 cyl
    Transtar 57 V8
    Starliner 54 V8

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    I think a "J" style speed nut clips over the U shaped tab on the underside of the fender (your right hand picture). Then, a bolt goes in from the underside of the bar through the hole (left hand picture) and threads into that nut. That bolt is something like a 5/16" size, bigger than a screw for sure. Most of the time in my experience, that U tab is left attached to the bar as the "shelf" in the fender under the headlight has rusted away. I think there is a dimple in the shelf above the U tab for bolt clearance but its been a long time since I looked at that. I remember making a shelf from scratch to patch one 20yrs ago though.

    On the '54, there are also 3 ?? self tapping bolts that go through holes in the rear edge of the surround into the bottom of 3 of the fins on the bar.

    Jeff in ND


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      Consider me a robot only this is the quote from the 54 manual " From behind the grill, remove the three cap screws at the bottom holding the grill bar to the grill panel chrome moulding Then from underneath the fender, remove the two cap screws holding the grill bar bracket to the fender and remove the grill bar assembly."

      Installation: "Position the grill bar assembly and install the fender-to-bracket screws. Install the grill panel chrome moulding-to-grill bar screws. Tighten screws securely." Then continue and finish wiring.


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        Firstly your picture of the grill bar is upside down, it is the passenger side bar, the hole I believe is a wiring conduit hole for the park lights.