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  • Engine: Steam Studes?

    I remember reading that some steam car manufacturer, can't recall the name, survived into '50s by doing steam conversions of other companies' production gasoline cars. Does anybody there remember their name? Did they convert any Studebakers that anybody knew of?
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    The only steam car of the 50s I'm aware of is the Paxton steam car project. Doble made one of the best steam cars, but they were very expensive.
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      Possibly this..................
      Besides conversions, they also put their name on a Victress S3 fibreglas body kit car.
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        It is a Victress S4 and there was a write up and color pics in the Wall Street Journal Dec. 2, 2015. Victress and Hellings built a number of cars for Studebaker in the early 50's, till Mack Hellings untimely death in a airplane wreck in the Mojave Desert.