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    Originally posted by Bud View Post
    I use Prestolite distributors in both my 62 Hawk and 63 Avanti. I rebuilt both distributors years ago replacing the shaft bushings and the centrifugal advance weights with the upgraded bronze bushings in the pivot pin holes. I like the dual point Prestolite distributors because of the ball bearing breaker plate which in my opinion makes the vacuum advance work a bunch smoother. The early Delco distributors used in the 55 to 61 V8 engines are good distributors. The window distributors as far as I'm concerned are inferior to both the early Delco distributor and the Prestolite distributor due to the excessive shaft end play which causes the timing to wander especially at higher engine speeds. I have a couple of them under the bench that I won't use until they are disassembled and the excessive end play corrected. Bud
    By end play do you mean up and down? I'm using a window type that I've bout decided is my random misfire. Doesn't idle smoothly, at even speed misfires until I accelerate. I've been through carb twice and can't find anything there. Distributor seems to have excessive up and down movement. It was in a parts engine I'd bought and as mentioned all parts were in stock at da flaps. I have 2 old style Delco's but need to be cleaned and fresh parts installed. Any thoughts opinions or advice be appreciated.
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      For some reason the window distributors suffer from excessive shaft up and down movement. I've seen them with as much end play as .200" where the end play on an older Delco or a Prestolite distributor is on the order of .008 to .010". If the shaft moves up and down excessively the ignition timing will be effected due the the distributor gear moving up and down in relation to the cam gear. Acceptable end play on the distributor shaft is between .002 and .010" according to the shop manuals. My advice is to use one of your earlier Delco distributors as very rarely do they suffer from excessive bushing wear and excessive end play. The parts for the earlier Delco distributors and also the Prestolite distributors such as caps, rotors and points are available at NAPA and Rock Auto. If you decide to use one of your older Delco distributors, be sure that the vacuum advance is good. Bud