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what retains the back seat - 52 car

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  • what retains the back seat - 52 car

    In a 52 2 door (in this case hardtop), what holds the lower portion of the back seat in the car?

    I have the seat, and I have the floor. You'd think I would see some sort of connection between the two. I know how the back rest piece is bolted in. But the part you sit on...just sits there. Surely there were some hooks or clips or...?

    52 hardtop

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    Dan, I BELIEVE (not certain, mind you) that the upper part engages the lip of the package shelf and has two threaded studs coming up from the floorboards to secure the two protrusions along the lower edge of the back. With that in place, the lower cushion slides in underneath the lower edge of the back, while there's two "nubs" on the floorboards that the corresponding frame of the lower chushion catch on to hold it secured against the lower edge of the back cushion! Hope that makes sense![:I]

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      Mr.Biggs is correct. The cushion (seat, not the back) slips in below the rear, and then "snaps" in to the bar/support that goes across the floor just behind the B pillar.


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        I would add that sometimes you have to push pretty hard on the seat bottom to get it to snap in or get it out. I usually brace myself against the front seat. Sometimes it works easier that others, but the seat frame is stiff and has to flex some to snap into place. You will be pushing the lowest part of the frame near the floor.

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