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Parking brake won't ratchet

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  • Brakes: Parking brake won't ratchet

    I am almost, finally done with the brakes on the Avanti. Only the backing plats and rear drums have not been replaced on the service brakes, the parking brakes seem OK, except that the handle does not ratchet and hold. The manual is not that clear, it should be an easy fix, what do I need to do?

    Merry Christmas all!
    Ron Dame
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    There’s a little spring on the ratchet part of the handle. The mechanism may be stuck or the spring is broken.


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      If it's like a Hawk, try rotating the handle/shaft over. There are only ratchet teeth on one side. There's supposed to be a pin to stop 180 rotation but they do fall out occasionally.


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        May not seem so, but easiest way to fix is to remove handle assembly from car. @ bolts hold it to dash then push forward all push pin/cable from assembly. Then you can put on your bench and repair. There is a spring that holds a little wedge like piece in place that is wedged against teeth on da shaft. Rotating it rolls it out of teeth/slots to release park brake. You'll see how simple a set up it is once you have it out. Lubricate shaft before reassembly.
        Hope this helps,