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  • Rear Axle: Axle shaft needed

    The PO ( as always) of the Avanti attempted a back brake job, which was largely well done. He stated that he mangled the end of the left axle shaft when removing the hub (he did that right anyway) and had the shaft remachined so he could get the nut back on. Thankfully, he never drove the car. I went through the brakes and bearings again, but when I went to torque the axle nut, the threads gave way on the shaft ( I used a new nut I had, and it's fine).

    My long term plans are to put flanged axles on, but budget says not yet. Does anyone have a good axle shaft to sell?
    Ron Dame
    '63 Champ

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    I just put some flanged axles in one, so I have some extras. $40 + postage and it is yours. P M me.
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      I have a NOS one in box .$25. + shipping If interested.