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Ignition Contacts (Points) and a few more parts I need.

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    Originally posted by Hawklover View Post
    If the module craps out, the only thing he will do is call for the "hook" I find nothing wrong with points, which can be changed in short order...I carry spares and my tach/dwell/timing light in the trunk....
    I agree, and have never had points, condenser, or coil fail me on the road, or at home.
    I installed electronic ignition on my 55 Chevy in 1966, and it failed in 5 days.
    In 1977 I installed electronic ignition on my 1971 Scout 800B with a 232 engine, and it failed within a month.


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      While I am pretty certain electronic ignition has improved since '77, I remain underwhelmed by it on 6v cars. If the supply drops under 5.5 volts while cranking it will not trigger. That is easy enough to happen on a cold day or if there is a little extra resistance somewhere. I will happily sell you the Pertonix I took out of my 51 Packard. I got tired of having to park the car on hills for starting. Those points I put in 6 years ago are still fine. Oh yeah, and I now recall the 12v Pertonix that spontaneously tossed its cookies in my buddies 57 Packard whilst we were enjoying a scenic drive. Home on a trailer. Oh, and helping someone change in their spare Pertronix in back of a meet hotel after a surprise no start.