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62 Hawk manual pedal

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  • Brakes: 62 Hawk manual pedal

    Second post and I haven't even brought the car home yet. First one was me saying howwwdeeee!
    Last Saturday was bellybutton day, my daughter called me up. I thought it was just to remind me I'm getting old but....
    Grandbaby number two is on the way!!!!!!!
    Funny part was, she completely forgot it was my birthday, she didn't remember until Sunday so naturally I took the opportunity to inform her that the memory was the second thing to go. HA!
    It took thirty years to be able to tease her that SHE'S getting old.
    Anyways, why was I posting again?
    Oh yeah. ....

    First goal for the new toy is better brakes, it seems the Turner kit is well respected.
    Problem is, it's a power brake car. I need a manual pedal so I can fit a tandem master cylinder.
    Are there other vehicle's pedal arms that will swap in?
    Does anyone have a scale drawing I could use to make one? They aren't really complicated looking, shouldn't be too hard to make something up that'll fit the holes and not bash the floorpan.
    Even better.... By any chance does anyone have one they would be willing to sell?

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    Standard brake pedals are fairly common. Shouldn't be hard to find one.

    Here's a pic of the difference
    64 GT Hawk (K7)
    1970 Avanti (R3)


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      Several people have reported no issues using Turner Front Discs, a Dual Master, a Equalizer Valve with the proper Rear Drum brakes and NO Power Brake Unit. Something to check on before tearing half of the Car up.
      Second Generation Stude Driver,
      Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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        Should not be too hard to find one. (Tom K. in South Bend) Try just eliminating pos Bendix Hydrovac. I've had my 61 Hawk since 1970. replaced and rebuilt Hydrovac 3 times. When I finally got rid of it 3 yrs ago the brakes were so much better that I never made any further changes . (Dwayne Jacobson in WI might have one) Tossing it into the corner is a good move!