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BBR-1 carb issues

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  • Fuel System: BBR-1 carb issues

    Ok....getting a bit frustrated here....1949 2R17A...warmed over 246, now a 254 with a shaved head and a high cam....

    I have a 606sa.....only on the big 2 ton trucks

    later supplemented by a 777sa

    here's the issue....they are hiding from eBay....and Craigslist too...

    I'm hoping one of you has one tucked away in the garage....

    I see the big truck cut up for body parts, the rest, just scrapped...

    So what are you all doing with them? Table Lamps? Steampunk Decorations?

    If Not a 606 or 777...then what about the "universal" carters?

    Been told the adjustable main work even better than stock...

    SO.....what's fact, and what's fiction?

    The carb I have will idle and full throttle, but had a definite flat spot. Plus, I really can't tell if the accelerator pump does anything.

    the bottom of the bowl was corroded, it cleaned up, but looked a bit rough. Especially where the check balls are.

    My guess, is that this is my problem area.

    I soaked, tumbled and blew out the carb a few times, and ran wire in every passage.....I don't think I missed anything.

    Also....what other options do I have? Different part number or series?

    I still need to hook up the governor, since I have a lead foot, and was taught how to drive a stick shift non syncro fire engine by shifting at the governor.

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    does the thing squirt fuel out the Accelerator pump when sitting still? pump the gas and look down the carb throat. It should.
    If not, definately a rebuild is in order. The carb kit is the same as the ones for Chrysler of the same period.

    I have a spare that probably needs rebuild if ya need it. I went to a different carter, the one used in the cars.


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      My 1/2 ton does the same thing.....I'll get to it, but pulling the choke out about a nickel's thickness makes the problem (flat spot) go away. There is some bogging on full throttle, but I can play with it. I've checked the parts' book, and if correct, the carbs are the same for all Bigger 6 engines except a part or 2.....I don't think you need to limit your search to big truck only sourcing....


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        2 parts

        I'm's the jetting of the carb that is different...a jet and a metering rod....just a guess...

        not sure if modern fuel is giving me problems too....

        I'm tempted to go up a jet size....


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          That's what worries me. I really don't see fuel moving....I'm used to nozzle discharge carbs....not this side dribbler.


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            The accelerator pump should still squirt some in there....

            Modern fuel tends to be destructive on old car rubber plus the alcohol is hydroscopic. If at all possible start using Non-Alcohol fuel. It's made a world of difference for me.


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              Your "flat spot" it momentary, or does it maintain lousy running at a certain RPM range? If the "flat spot" is mainly hesitation, make sure your vacuum advance is operating properly. It would be a shame if all your efforts are wasted at the carburetor, only to discover the problem is an issue of ignition timing with distributor operation.
              John Clary
              Greer, SC

              SDC member since 1975


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                OK....may have fixed it......took it apart for the umpteenth time.....filled the bowl and could not push down the accelerator piston....took out the check ball at the bottom, no help....took off the cap over the second check ball, the one with the spring....we have some movement now....ok, Put the piston check ball back, a little more fuel

                Seems that the spring over the second check ball was too long....since it flowed with no check ball or spring, and then with the ball alone....

                started trimming coils off the spring, so that it would slightly touch with the cover cap on....and now.....IT WORKS....

                Put it back on, and it starts easier, winds up faster and the idle, which I turned down a bit before I reinstalled the carb, was now even a few turns more and it idles fine.

                Well, I guess I get my certificate on the BBR-1 now for my "wall-o-shame"


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                  Presentence pays off. Or keep trying until something really gets screwed up. Good visiting on Wed. Put the 56 Golden Hawk engine together Thursday and delivered it today. Jim


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                    Remind me to send you my spare BBR-1, as I'll never use it....


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                      I shall gladly accept a spare.....never know what other malady shall befall me....


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                        PM me and I'll get it to ya.