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Carburator questions 61 lark

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  • Fuel System: Carburator questions 61 lark

    Greetings all..

    We have a 61 Lark with the 259, 3 speed and overdrive.
    It has a 2 barrel intake, and a Rochester 2 jet carb that uses the heat pipe style choke.

    In my reading I think this car should have a stromberg WW carb.

    We have a spare 2 jet, and a spare WW used in a box that came with the car.

    We have three issues with the 2 Jet.

    1 On occasion when we set the choke and start the car, if within 15-25 seconds you do not kick it out of high idle it will start pumping large amounts of fuel out of the vent on the top of the bowl....

    2 On occasion the car will not start. I have found the fuel bowl dry. If I add fuel into the bowl through the vent then the car will start. When I do this it takes 4-6 ounces of fuel into the bowl. I have seen a little fuel leaking out around the throttle shaft. When trying to start the car I can hear a gurgling noise that I believe is fuel draining back to the pump and filter from the carb.

    3. The accelerator pump is not functioning great. It bogs down for a second when you accelerate quickly.

    So what are my options here. We would like to keep the car as original as possible, but we do want good reliability from the car. Reliability is more important the originality for us.

    Is this normal operation for the choke to flood like it does? What could be causing the fuel to drain out of the bowl the way it does?

    Is the stromberg the correct carb? If so Should we just have it rebuilt? Should we rebuild the 2 jet?

    What about using one of the Holley 350 of 500 cfm 2 barrels?

    Thanks for any insights you may have..

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    The Stromberg is original and very reliable if rebuilt correctly and thoroughly.

    1) Use fresh, ethanol resistant seals/gaskets.
    2) Go the distance (unless perfect) and re-bush the throttle shaft bore
    3) After correct set up (shop manual) drive it without issue til you drop dead
    4) You may always have a cold start up issue with evaporation-pumping the pedal with new throttle shaft fitment will work (3-5 pumps)


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      The gurgleing you hear is present on all the Studebakers equipped with the PB-50 top mounted spin on oil filter. Nothing to worry about.
      Bez Auto Alchemy

      "Don't believe every internet quote" Abe Lincoln


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        Thank you guys for the info.
        This car does have the top mount oil filter. It did not occur to me that the noise I was hearing was that, but it makes sense.
        Is it Dave Thibeault that people seem to like for the rebuilding of the stromberg?


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          Yes, send the carb to Dave
          Ron Dame
          '63 Champ