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'51 Champion Production Order Decypher HELP!!!

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  • Body / Glass: '51 Champion Production Order Decypher HELP!!!

    New Studebaker owner/member, Yay! Ordered production order for my '51 starlight coupe, but can't read it. I have read threads on here that have helped, but still have a few questions. The paint number says 2327, that's it, nothing else.....also the trim number 7629 CG CL? ALso the model 10g-C5 I understand, but not the BOSS. I have the shop manual and chassis catalog that explains the telegraph codes, but BOSS is not listed. Mostly I'm curious about the paint color and trim color. Any help is greatly appreciated!!
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    The paint color is on a label stuck to the underside of the glove box cardboard. Lie under the box and look up, easy to see.


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      Question for the Studebaker manufacturing experts: Are the production order codes (paint, interior, etc) listed in the Studebaker Museum's monographs?
      Studebrewer: I can only tell you from looking at my 51's production order, that your car isn't Plaza Grey. I also have "Book" where you have Boss, but don't know what either means.


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        I can help with some of this, but those paint numbers are only used in the specification booklet that dealers used to order cars by. The color books use different numbers. Maybe you could post a photo. Same with the upholstery numbers. I think there is a name for the grey cloth used in the car.
        Boss is a code word used between dealer and factory to identify various models. Boss indicates a Champion Regal Coupe with overdrive transmission.


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          Thanks for the info. I looked under the glove box, and to no surprise the tag was missing. I'll try to look for the dealer spec booklet. Maybe I'll contact the Studebaker Museum to see if they have that info.