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Ebay Studebaker problems

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  • Ebay Studebaker problems

    Wanting to do my usual parts hunt,hit ebay started viewing on the new ebay motors site-- what the $%%^#@ are jeep parts zeon headlights, taillights, chips and controllers doing on it? Sent an email asking the same ???? Has anyone else had the same problem?? I don't have time to sift out the junk, only want to look for Studebaker parts. Lou Cote

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    See the post: "Studebaker ebay search" on the general forum (where it should be). Mark and the whole world is having the same problem I believe! [:0]

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      Yes, I feel your aggravation. I also am irritated by vendors of generic junk and automobilia that somehow manage to show up on my EBay searches for parts to fit a particular kind of car.

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        I believe its the shared model, "Commander", that pulls in the Jeep parts. Beyond that distraction, I just don't like the new feel & I don't see a way to save searches.

        Click on "Options" in the upper right & it allows you to return to the old format. It also allows us to send feedback to tell them not to mess with a good thing unless they can list the advantages of the switch.

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          Don't worry... eBay will soon have the problem fixed!![}]

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            I've bought a number of Studebakers, hundreds of parts, and many engines on E-bay. Probably 90% of my 263 positives are Studebaker related. The trick is to establish your own search headings. In your browser favorites save a search like 53 Studebaker. Put in a search topic in the e-bay search field, and make sure that you are in e-bay motors. After IE brings this up, then add it to your favorites. Go back into favorites and then rename the e-bay url something simple like 53 Studebaker, Studebaker V8, etc. Then when you go to your list of favorite bookmarks, just click on "Avanti". or Studebaker V8 etc. THis then limits the keyword engine on e-bay to only search that saved catagory. I would be happy to send a very extensive list of urls that are exclusively Studebaker searchs that your could load and save in your favorites. I search e-bay Studebaker listings a couple of times a day, and can't afford to waste time. Hope this helps.


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