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1956 Goldent Hawk Original Powertrain - Engine, Transmission, driveshaft, other

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  • Engine: 1956 Goldent Hawk Original Powertrain - Engine, Transmission, driveshaft, other

    I have 2 1/2 56 Golden Hawks. One is mauve and white and was a TW cover car in 1980 - still nice. One is a solid yellow and white car that came without a motor and powertrain. My dad found a rebuilt GH motor and transmission I reluctantly sold it fifteen years ago to someone who needed it right away and it was not clear to me if I would have time to complete the car. Shortly after I sold the motor, I bought a stripped down 55 Packard with the correct Packard V8 motor. The 1/2 golden hawk is a severely rusted shell only but it does have some good parts like doors and window regulators.

    (1) I want to get rid of the Packard. What parts of the driveline do I need/ should I keep?
    (2) I do have other Studebaker motors. Would I be better off to put in a reliable Stude and transmission?
    (3) How about an engine swap with ?

    Thank you in advance for your good advice.

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    Your car, your decision on how original/correct it must be. Since you're open to considering a Studebaker V8 or other transplant, it might be inferred you don't care the '55 Packard V8 engine and transmission are different in several areas than the '56.

    1. Packard driveline - only the engine and automatic transmission are direct swaps. Not much else fits. If the Packard should be a manual transmission, it is not the same as that used in the '56J. It would require new motor and transmission mounts, a left exhaust elbow, a radiator, and several other small parts unique to the '56J

    2. The Packard engine is as reliable as the Studebaker V8. The automatic transmission, not so much.

    3. The hole left after removing the Studebaker and Packard V8s is so huge, literally any US OHV8 can and has been swapped into the C/K engine compartment. Any CASO would choose the Gen I small block Chevy, as it's the cheapest, most widely available OHV8 ever made and fits the best.

    The rare '56J is appreciating in value in the collector marketplace; the question is why would one want to devalue his car via an engine/trans swap. The case might be made any monies saved by an engine/trans swap are lost at time of sale.

    jack vines
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      Thank you very much for the information, Jack. The original Packard engine and automatic transmission that I have was my first choice. There is not much else remaining of the very solid 1955 Packard Clipper 4 door that got stripped clean of almost all trim before I got it. I even have to use vice grips to steer it. It is a four door with torsion bar suspension. The only other parts that may be spoken for are the brake drums. I also understand you are the go-to guy with respect to these engines.

      The 56J does have the original rear end but the driveshaft is missing. Would you know what other models used the same driveshaft or is it 56J specific?


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        A very useful item from a 54-56 Packard Clipper are the rims. 15 x 5 1/2 with a 4 1/2 bc. They work terrific on all 51 and up Studes. I have them on 5 different Larks. AND the bottle caps snap right on.


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          Paul, have you talked to Wayne in our chapter? Since he recently finished his 56, he may have spare parts. I believe that he bought 3 cars to make 1 not to mention his knowledge.
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