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Champion engine oil pump questions

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  • Champion engine oil pump questions

    I just replaced the fuel pump on my 1950 Champion. While I had the fuel pump off, I decided I would try to fix an annoying oil leak. The brass 90* fitting that connects the oil pressure gauge tube to the oil pump was misthreaded and leaked oil. Even with the fuel pump out, it is tough to get at, because its under the manifold. Because the fitting was misthreaded, and because of the location, I ended up taking out the oil pump cover bolts and rotating thae housing around the gearshaft until it was facing down and forward, so I could get that blasted fitting off. I got it off and replaced it. The gasket for the oil pump didn't tear when I turned it, so I left it and just rotated the pump back into position and bolted it back on. I replaced the fuel pump, started the car and ran it briefly (a minute or so) and didn't obserrve any oil or fuel leakage.
    With that as a setup, I have the following questions.
    1. Could I have screwed up anything in the oil pump by loosening it and rotating it? It doesn't seem to make noise or leak, the timing seems ok and I have oil pressure.
    2. How critical is the heat shield over the fuel pump? There is a rectangular "vent" that points right at the fuel pump. Do these cars have a tendency to vaporlock at the fuel pump?
    3. Do you have to pull a Champion engine out to rebuild the oil pump? Can you repair the oil pressure relief valve with the engine in the car?
    I woould appreciate your advice and opinions on any and all of the above issues. Thanks in advance to this great tech forum bunch!!!

    John Thorburn
    1950 Champion
    Holdrege NE

    1950 Champion
    W-3 4 Dr. Sedan
    Holdrege NE

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    1) I doubt it

    2) I'd leave it on, vapor lock is a known problem

    3) dunno.


    55 Commander Starlight
    55 Commander Starlight


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      I believe the wear in the pump is usually restricted to the gears and the cover plate. Pull off the cover plate, replace the gears and install a new plate. It's been years ago but I substantially improved the oil pressure in the last 170 I had by simply removing the cover plate, honing the concentric grooves with a surface conditioner and reinstalling the plate. Maybe I was just lucky.

      As for the relief valve, it can be done, but it's akin to an excessively intense Pilates session.
      "All attempts to 'rise above the issue' are simply an excuse to avoid it profitably." --Dick Gregory

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