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Spacer under one side of Bell Housing mount?

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  • Transmission / Overdrive: Spacer under one side of Bell Housing mount?

    I just read Dan's post about driveshaft angle on his Hawk and Rich's reply about correct spacer orientation caught my eye. This is perfect timing, as I will soon be getting ready to mount engine and bellhousing (therefore the tranny mounts!) to my chassis. I also bought new mounts, and only received a matched set OF MOUNTS. No spacer, and never heard of needing one.

    The Flight-o-matic in '57 GHawk had been replaced, so my "original mounts" had been out and had nothing under either of them save the decimated rubber mounts themselves. I've NOT read the Manual yet on this (one section at a time!), does the Manual specify all this (or parts book), or how would we know there should be a spacer (or how thick) and which side?? Thank God I'm reading this NOW. (THANKS DAN!! and Rich!)

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    Spacer is 1/2 inch thick,but now I'm not sure which side it goes on!


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      532427 Spacer (1/2" thick cast Iron), goes under the LH engine mounting on LH drive cars and RH on RHD cars. It's purpose to create clearance for the steering box away from the exhaust manifold.
      Shown in pic at lower right. This part is available from SI I believe, although you could use a stack of washers.
      Click image for larger version

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        THanks guys! An unpleasant surprise to find I'd missed this AFTER the car is all together (and body back on!!!) when SO easy to add now! This Forum is SO useful!! Wasn't even looking for this!

        You know, I hadn't thought how close the exhaust runs by these; THAT would explain why both of my originals (I have kept EVERYTHING until I'm done with EVERTHING) are literally MELTED. I was wondering how the torque converter could have gotten so hot, but it was simply the proximity to the exhaust on both sides...... Another mystery solved.