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    I have a 55-56 cadillac 2x4 manifold that they rework for stude 289s has 2 small wcfb 4inch by 4 inch instead of common 4 inch by 5-6 inch bases.for sale.



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      quote:Seriously, looks like a 2X4 set up is out of the question for most if not all of us...
      While this is...or should be basically a correct statement....

      I gotta stick my foot into it...actually both feet.

      The 299 I'm worken on for my Conestoga...will have a short tunnel ram with two Holley 390cfm mech. secondary carburetors on it!

      I would be remiss to choke off the heads I worked so hard on to get the flow numbers well up over all normally available Stude manifolds to not find a manifold and carbs. that will work correctly on that front.

      And I fully understand I'm working in "sorta" uncharted water, so I'm not expecting perfection at the initial roll out of the driveway.
      And the fact that I can go from 5.13 rear gears to 3.70 gears (or most any other) in about 30 minutes....will help a great deal!

      Hey...I applaud anyone that experiments on their own. And feel for the folks that miss out on their own experimentation. That's half the fun of this old stuff.
      Don't follow the crowd, do the odd things and find out for yourself if things work or not.



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        But have a fire extinguisher handy.


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          For Ted, Jerry and that one other Stude owner in a thousand who has the talent and experience to build an engine which can breathe deeply, rev high and who can tune multiple carbs, then go for it and enjoy the applause of a job well done.

          Mike and Alan are doing us a favor to warn of the pitfalls. Alan was there to watch even the Granatelli's have problems with the R4 2x4 setups. I have seen too many Stude owners wrestle with modifying Cadillac intakes, R4 intakes and whatever, fuel lines, choke tubes, throttle linkages, then end up with a car which wasn't as fast as it was with one 4-bbl and used half-again as much fuel.

          As Mike correctly stated, any known air flow chart will say a normally aspirated 299" CANNOT inhale more than 500 CFM on its best day, (actually it needs only 430 CFM @ 6kRPM) so what is that second AFB doing up there? If it is for the bling, nothing wrong with looking good and having fun.

          thnx, jack vines



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            Here is my 2x4 for a Stude. It originally was made for a Cadillac but was ported and modified and used on a Stude race car back in the late 50s - early 60s. It is not low rise, but kind of medium rise, it is also a dual plane setup. Note the small 4bbl openings! Would look great polished!! It was made by Detroit Racing Equipment, and is one of only two pieces from that company I have ever seen. I have been thinking about putting it on ebay, one of these days!



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