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  • Rear Axle: Dana 44 alignment questions

    If Dana 44 (also Salisbury) differentials have end yokes that are offset 1 inch to the passenger side, is the transmission output also offset 1" ... or is the Avanti/Hawk frame asymmetrical ... or are the driveshaft ends not perpendicular to the rear axle ... or are the rear axles different lengths to center the wheels? I have read that driveshafts do like to be out of alignment both vertically and horizontally. Thanks.

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    A bit of angle keeps the bearing grease from drying in one spot and not lubricating properly.
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      On Studebaker powered cars, the engine is offset towards the passenger side. That is, there are two sets of holes in the motor mount brackets. I don't know if they bothered on the Chevy mounts to make them offset.
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        The offset also helps to rotate the needle bearing not only for the mentioned lubrication but also to prevent flat spots from forming. Offset already exists (and varies) with the vertical movement of the rear axle. So the left/right offset shouldn't be any different (problem wise) than the up/down. There are aspects of the U-Joint that cause the drivehaft to speed up and slow down but with the correct offset they are designed to cancel each other. FWIW my Sunbeam Tiger's Dana 44 (Salisbury actually) has a driveshaft about 3 feet long and at least as much horizontal offset as you state.

        What you don't want is unequal offset. So as long as the rear pinion is perpendicular to the transmission output you should be OK.
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