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Saggy 62 Daytona Hardtop 6 cylinder Springs and Used V8 spring swap

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  • Frame / Springs: Saggy 62 Daytona Hardtop 6 cylinder Springs and Used V8 spring swap

    Hi Guys,
    I have a Paris delivered 62 Daytona Hardtop 6cyl auto I am getting back on the road again. It only has 55k original km on it so has gone nowhere in it's life.

    It has really saggy pants in the front and rear.

    I have recently swapped the springs out in my 63 R1 clone Wagonaire for new ones. Front and Rear.

    Am I heading for trouble if I install these in the 62 6cyl. They are 50 years old as well and have probably saved a bit with the V8 in them.

    Do I just add spacers to the 6cyl springs to raise the front end ?

    I have a real nice 63 Daytona Hardtop V8 with all the great driving options that sits really nice in the front and rear.

    I suspect it may firm up the ride, but with better roads than back in 1962 I can't imaging that it will be too much of a problem.

    You thought please for any of you that have done it.

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    Greg Diffen

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    Swap them out and see if the ride height is acceptable. Sure can't hurt anything.
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      Greg, go for it. Tired V8 station wagon springs are going to be better than tired 6 cylinder springs.


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        I sure would try it Greg. I just put a set of NOS heavy duty wagon springs on the back of my '64 Daytona and considering it will settle slightly the ride height will be perfect. Yes it's stiff but I like stiff suspensions. The Wagonaire springs should help your Daytona also. How many leaves - in other words, are they standard wagon springs or heavy duty wagon springs?

        If it were me, I would try the used front springs also. It will probably ride stiffer with only that 6 cylinder weight but should raise it up ok. I have a '62 six cylinder convertible that has standard V8 springs and the ride height was good in that car. I'm assuming here that these front springs you have are standard V8 springs, not the super heavy duty full package springs?? The V8 full package springs might be a bit much for a six cylinder.
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          I put 100K happy miles on a 62 Lark six after it was fitted with a pair of sagged V8 front springs. They sat well, and gave a slightly firmer ride. After that car succumbed to eastern salt, I installed the self same springs into a 58 Champion. There they sit a little high as the flathead is lighter than the OHV, but the ride and handling are quite good.

          If you install the Wagonaire rear springs and the hardtop sits too high, you can easily lower it by spreading the shortest leaf away from the others with a screwdriver and cut the ends off that leaf with a grinder. Try not to nick the next leaf!


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            A used set of Standard V8 Front springs will work Good in a 6 as Ross says, but I would hesitate on Wagonaire Springs, those are the Firmest Lark Type Spring, very close to as Firm as an Avanti H.D. Spring, and will raise the front of a Six enough to get "nose bleeds"!

            Borrowed that one from Dick Steinkamp who always says that of non-Lowered Cars!
            Second Generation Stude Driver,
            Proud '54 Starliner Owner