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  • Transmission / Overdrive: How to tell

    How do I tell what gear my 63 manual Three Speed/Overdrive is in without the shift linkage hooked up?

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    Point both levers straight down, it's in neutral.


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      You can grab the input shaft with one hand and the output shaft with the other. Try one lever, twist the input shaft and see/feel what the output shaft does.

      This is assuming the transmission input shaft is exposed to your reach.
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        Each lever has three positions, with very obvious detents. Neutral is obtained with both levers in the middle position. There is an interlock between the two shifter shafts that is supposed to prevent either lever from moving if the other is not in the neutral position, but it can be defeated if a lot of force is applied.

        Front lever: forward is second gear, middle, neutral, rear, high gear. Rear lever: forward position is reverse, middle, neutral, and rear position, low gear.
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          Thanks for that, Gord.