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Halibrand Wheels

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  • Wheels: Halibrand Wheels

    What size and brand tires are being installed on the new Halibrand Wheels? Rim width is 6". Is a 205-75 too small?
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    I will put 215/70R15 on mine (for better handling). 205/75R15 will also work. Either provides about the same diameter as the original 670-15 tires.


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      Brands do not matter unless you are looking for Correct Narrow Whitewalls or Wide White Walls, then you will be severely Limited to your choices:
      Cooper for narrow and Coker for Wide white.

      For longer Mileage and harder rubber you want Michelin, but only available in Black.

      Yes to P205X75R15 or P215X70R15.
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        Don't forget Diamond back they a large selection of widths and colors


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          P215/75 15 Cooper Trendsetter SE. These are a narrow whitewall radial tire, though I had the tires installed with the blackwall outward as I like the contrast of the black with the bright aluminum wheel.
          I haven't installed these on the car yet, but I can share a photo if you like.
          In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.


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            Hancook offers a nice narrow white in some sizes. I bought some for my 65 Bonneville. About 80 some dollars at Tire Rack.
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              Brand...why would that question come up ? That's a personal matter. Well...I guess size is pretty much a personal matter also..!
              The Hankook, Optimo tires are also VERY easy on the steering wheel. Makes it feel as if you have power steering (if you don't). I put a set on my 59 Lark wagon (259, auto. trans.), made a huge difference.



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                Ok, will go with a 215-70 if the diameter height is good. 70 should give wider tread width for the rear. Will check out Tire Rack brands. Would like to see some on car photos. Thinking white wall but all black may look better and more in style for today.

                The center spinners were shipped today. Should have everything by next week. These wheels are super nice up close. Well packed and received in 4 days after placing order. October Surprise!!!
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