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  • bearing crush

    Can some one explain bearing crush
    I have new federal mogal std bearings on a standard crank.
    When I install the half in the rod side the shell is flush with the keyed side, yet opposite the key the half sticks about .030 out of the rod,yet the caps look fine.
    who or what has happened to those rods in 50 years ?? only 4,5,6 rods

    It is like some one machined down the parting line or the rod for some reason.
    Thank you for Your thoughts .

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    They are designed like that, once torqued down they recurve to fit.

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      All of the rod big end SHOULD be the same diameter. Check them, or have them checked if you don't have the tools.

      As JDP says, depending on the "unsupported" shape of the bearings is how much bearing will protrude from the rod and or cap during assembly. .030" sounds a little high (too much)....but again, it depends on the general shape of the bearing.

      At a MINIMUM....lay a piece of "Plastigage" around about a third of the crank throw on the worst of your rod/bearing combinations. Install the cap and torque...don't rotate!
      Remove the cap and with a magnifing glass...verify the Plastigage is EVENLY crushed for the whole length.
      Then do one that has the least...visable...bearing crush, and do the same thing.
      Now compare them.

      That should give you a small idea if things are at least close.


      P.s. - I'd still have the rods checked for diameter and "roundness" the as torqued condition.