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1955 Stude 4 Dr. Interior Door Panel Trim Part

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  • 1955 Stude 4 Dr. Interior Door Panel Trim Part

    I am in need of knowing the name and part number of a piece of door panel trim on my 1955 Commander 4 dr. I mostly want to know the front part number but would also be interested in the back door number. I just don't have the means to determine this information. Again:

    1. What is the name of this part number? (or numbers)
    2. What is (are) the part number(s)?

    Thanks Much!!
    Jim R.

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    In Body catalog group 2118B-Door Inside Trim Mouldings, it's called MOULDING,upper,left front door or upper, left rear door.

    The exact part number will depend on the Body Tag (trim level) from the firewall tag.

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      There might well be a difference given what SERIES of 4dr you own as well. The door panels were different (at least the front ones were) on the early sedans vs, the second edition (Ultra-vista) sedans.

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        Thanks for your help so far. I found a picture of my interior door panel trim in a pamphlet I have. It says it is for a DELUXE COMMANDER SEDAN. Mine is late model with the wrap around windshield if that matters.
        My door panels have an upper metal piece, a lower one, and a center one. I am interested in the center piece which is chrome (stainless?) with a tack strip backing.

        Thanks again,

        Jim R.


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          Contact my Dad (StudeRich) he's got a '55 Commander parts car in his backyard.
          That part (and many others) may still be on the car...

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